Title:Evaluating the implications of stakeholders role towards sustainability in higher educationYear: 2019

Authors: Anugamini Priya Srivastava Venkatesh Mani Mohit Yadav
Journal: Journal of Cleaner Production
Publication date: 2019
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
URL: click here


This paper aims to evaluate the relationship between academic optimism and sustainability of higher education. The intervening role of extra role behavior and internal branding is also examined. The data was collected from higher education institutions via randomly selected sample. A confirmatory factor analysis was carried out to evaluate the model fit and reliability, validity and internal consistency of the measures were evaluated. Further, hierarchical regression analysis was used to test the direct and indirect relationship among the hypothesised constructs. The regression analysis results supported a positive relationship between academic optimism and sustainability of higher education through internal branding and extra role behavior. Internal branding and extra role behavior positively mediated the linkage between academic optimism and sustainability in higher education. The study contributes to the practice as it helps academicians, practitioners, and professionals working in higher education institutions in their decision making.