Title:Empirical Study on Make in India: The Defence Sector Perspective and The Way Ahead

Authors: Sanjeev Sharma and Poornima Tapas
Journal: International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research
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September 2014 saw the launch of a bold visionary initiative by the Government named ‘Make in India‘ aimed at bolstering manufacturing with foreign collaboration, which subsequently resulted in India emerging as the frontrunner for Foreign Direct Investment in the world. India‘s Defence budget allotment is approximately USD 34.53 Billion & an average USD 15 Billion is spent on arms import. Make in India initiative in Defence sector can result in saving approximately USD 15 billion annually, create job opportunities, mushroom budding talent, enhance self-reliance and pave way for India becoming prominent arms exporter in the new world order. The research is basically deductive in nature which broadly focuses from general to specific areas. Qualitative Research techniques such as Questionnaire, Interviews, Observations and archival data was used in the research for analysis purpose.800 respondents facilitated the survey. The data was subjected to exploratory factor analysis (using SPSS software) and checked for scale’s internal reliability. The outcome of Chi-square test of Independence clearly indicated that Make in India initiative will be productive in Defence sector in long run