Title: Does Social Medium Influence Impulse Buying of Indian Buyers?Year: 2018

Authors: Bhuvanesh Kumar Sharma, Sunil Mishra, Lokesh Arora

Journal: Journal of Management Research

Publication date: 2018 January-March

Publisher: South Asia Publications

URL: click here


In present technological changes, social media plays a significant role which is being utilized by consumers and industries in various ways. Consumers are using social media to connect people through this virtual media, they make new friends, chatting, searching jobs and shopping online at the same time industries especially e-commerce leveraging benefits of social media by promoting their products on various social networking sites and directly influencing consumers through social media and stimulating demand of their offering by providing ‘Shop now’ button. With increasing use of social media, many factors influence consumers while they directly purchase on social media. A hypothetical model has been drawn in order to explain the relationship among three factors Perceived usefulness, Perceived value, Perceived risk and their influence on purchase intention. A sample of 265 respondents from students undergoing postgraduate program collected and the model has been validated with the help of SPSS correlation and regression analysis. The result of the study reveals that there was significant correlation reported among Perceived usefulness, perceived value and Perceived risk and all three was significantly influencing purchase intention when a consumer wants to purchase through social media. The study is highly useful in understanding the online shopping behavior of consumer which help organizations to stimulate the demand for their products through this medium.