Title: Determinants of customer experience management and its impact on experience quality in the tourism industry in India

Authors: Vimal Kamleshkumar Bhatt; Bhuvanesh Kumar Sharma

Journal: International Journal of Business and Globalisation, Vol.30 No.1

Publication date: 2022

Publisher: Inderscience

URL: click here


The tourism sector is witnessing a growing trend and with an increase in demand for consumer's desire for the highest levels of customer service and a full range of travel experiences that combine first class conveyance, excellent accommodation and location, gourmet dining, outstanding entertainment and superior relaxation. Increased share of tourism in consumer spending is leading marketing practitioners to the recognition of influence on the customer experiences and its impact on service quality. Because of rapidly evolving customer demand for overall travel services in an intensely competitive environment, it has become very important to understand, analyse and construct customer experience to provide and improve the service quality, which in turn will improve the overall customer satisfaction leading to loyalty. This research initially employs explanatory research to investigate the customer experience management in the tourism industry. Later, a conceptual framework was constructed based on the existing body of knowledge available and was tested using a survey of a judgemental sample of 600 consumers especially those who have travelled recently. Structural equation modelling was employed to test the proposed model. This paper tries to critically evaluate the relationship between customer experience management practices and experience quality.