Title:Decoding Organizational Culture for Leveraging Social Media Usage. Year: 2016

Authors: Madhura Bedarkar
Journal: Media Watch
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: Media Watch
URL: click here


Social media is all pervasive and thus, omnipotent and a very powerful medium. Thus, organizations adopt several social networking platforms to connect and engage their internal customers, i.e., their employees. By stimulating communication, social media has revolutionized the way information is shared, which also helps organizations in strengthening their employer and consumer brand. However, the efficiency and extent of usage of social media by organizations depends upon the kind of organizational culture being fostered. Organizational culture reflects upon the shared values, beliefs, assumptions and behaviours of organizational members, which in turn influences the usage of social media platforms by employees and their organizations. Hence, it is imperative to decode organizational culture to frame effective social media policy and strategy. The study explored the concept of organizational culture, its empirical relationship with its key drivers and provided inputs for framing effective social media strategy.