Title: Creating Sustainable Engagement Practices for Generation Z: Role of CSR in Organizations

Authors: Deepika Pandita and Ritesh Khatwani
Journal: Journal of Statistics Applications & Probability
Publication date: 2022
Publisher: Natural Publishing
URL: click here


The prime objective of the research paper is to study how the perception of the employees of Gen Z about corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the organization affects their engagement level at the workplace. Our findings are from administering a structured validated questionnaire to 302 working executives from the IT sector in India, online and through personal visits to the organizations using simple random sampling. The employees were asked questions in a structured interview conducted online and in person, about their perception of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives at their current and previous (if any) workplaces. Following this information gathering, an attempt was made to inspect the association between the engagement of the employees and perception about Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the minds of the respondents. The research sample was constituted by using simple random sampling for sample designing. Majority of the respondents belonged to the age group of 21 to 24 years, pinning them at Gen Z, and 55% of the respondents are male. 76% of the respondents had no prior work experience, before their current place of employment, that is. The sample data was collected with the help of a combination of self-administered online surveys and face-to-face interviews. To test the hypotheses a hierarchical linear regression analysis was used. The research links the macroscopic and microscopic divisions and discourses to a dearth and necessity of more closely focused study in Corporate Social Responsibility area by investigating the effect of perceptions about CSR on workplace performance, engagement & productivity for Gen Z employees. This research progresses the prevailing body of information further than industrialized developed economies by reconnoitering the premeditated role CSR plays in India, giving us an exceptional social framework to gaze at.