Title:Consumer Behavior for Green Practices İmplemented by E-Commerce Firms in Last Mile Deliveries Year: 2020

Authors: G. Tejarawind, Dr. Chetan Panse
Journal: International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology
Publication date: 2020
Publisher: Science & Engineering Research Support Society
URL: click here


This research paper aims to determine whether customers prefer/consider the green logistics aspect of firms in the last mile deliveries while placing orders on e-commerce platforms. The customers concern towards the environment has been increasing day by day and is at the peak. They expect companies also to be responsible for protecting the environment by implementing green practices. Recently, e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart have started initiatives for sustainability using Electric vehicles for deliveries, local sourcing to avoid large distance travels and thus reduce CO2 emissions, recycled paper packaging, collecting plastic and paper packaging after delivering parcels. By all these initiatives, firms are trying to show their customers about their measures for sustainable supply chain, thereby creating a Green image for their brands. In this study, we try to identify what factors customers consider regarding to the last mile deliveries; like Green image, higher prices, speedy delivery, customer loyalty etc ; while placing the orders. In order to reach this goal, primary data has been collected using a questionnaire. Questionnaire has been used to conduct a survey among the people who frequently place online orders. The research results reveal that the customers do consider the green image of the firm and are willing to pay extra as well to an extent; as a contribution from their end for the environment.