Title: Analysis of Critical Success Factors Impacting the Project Success

Authors: Harshal Panse, Dr. Poornima Tapas
Publication date: 2022
Publisher: Wichmann Verlag
URL: click here


This paper examines the relationship between different critical success factors (CSFs) and project success. Nine factors based on repetition/ number of occurrences in literature review are considered which impact the project success the most. This study is based on the data from manufacturing companies - Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector in and around Pune, India. This paper attempts to provide a connection between various CSFs and project success. The purpose of this paper is to present a retrospective on how project success is affected by certain factors. Project management is a driver of organisational strategy hence this paper focuses on CSFs from Project Management angle. Every project manager dreams and works hard for his project to be successful. Hence knowing and understanding of project success factors is of vital importance for a project manager. This study will provide a framework of Project management CSFs to project managers. The CSFs revealed in this study converged with vital factors for a successful project. This study provides insights to the Project managers so that they can evaluate the project success by an in-depth study of the CSFs. A conceptual model and nine factors were considered for MSME manufacturing projects. These factors were selected based on their importance to manufacturing projects and their repeated occurrence in the literature review related to CSFs. The top nine factors were selected based on the occurrence in the literature review. The framework, conceptual model, analysing the CSFs for manufacturing industries and highlighting the “scope of the project”, “support from top management” and “team capability” factors are the major contributions of this research work.

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