Title: An empirical study of the language of brand taglines: a code mixing approach.Year: 2018

Authors: Priyanka Pareek and V.V. Ravi Kumar
Journal: International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers
URL: click here


Language is a vital tool of communication which takes deliberate use of thoughts and feelings to express explicitly. With this underlying idea, the paper seeks to understand the association and connection of code-mixed language of taglines which is defined as the mixing and embedding of two different linguistic units from two different grammatical systems. Data was collected from 111 professionals in the creative field to understand the impact of code mixed taglines on customers and lexical analysis of selected taglines from the linguistic point of view used in branding of different products in print advertisements. The quantitative research work helps to understand the importance of use of code mixed taglines that are influential in making the brand memorable and unique. The results of the study will help copywriters and advertisement scriptwriters to be more precise with the demand and change of language in the current scenario.