Title:A study on the drivers of employee engagement impacting employee performanceYear: 2014

Authors: Madhura Bedarkar and Deepika Pandita
Journal: Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences
Publication date: 2014
Publisher: Elsevier
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Employee Engagement is a concept gaining significant importance in the past 10 years. Organization today use engaged employees as a tool for strategic partner in the business. The concept of employee engagement has now gained even more importance, since many drivers have been identified, which impact employee performance and well-being at workplace. As companies across industries strive to survive and rise above the stiff competition, physical and mental well-being of employees will be one of the important aspects that HR managers need to tend focus on. Hence, employee engagement is today seen as a powerful source of competitive advantage in the turbulent times. The study explores the concept of employee engagement and also throws light on key drivers of employee engagement by analyzing specifically three divers, namely communication, work life balance and leadership. This study will also analyze how these drivers impact the level of employee performance and well-being at workplace of the employees. The available literature on drivers of employee engagement indicates that there is paucity of literature on these three drivers and their impact on employee engagement. Thus, we focused on these three specific and less researched drivers