Title: A Study on the Adoption of Electric Vehicles in India: The Mediating Role of Attitude. Year: 2020

Authors: Anil Khurana, V. V. Ravi Kumar, Manish Sidhpuria
Journal: Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective
Publication date: 2020
Publisher: SAGE Publishing
URL: click here


Pollution of the environment is currently a global concern. Toxic emission from internal combustion engines is one of the primary air pollutants. In order to mitigate the effects of fossil fuel emission and address environmental concerns (ECs), electric vehicles (EVs) are being promoted aggressively all over the world. Various governments are encouraging people to switch to EVs by incentivizing the transition. Previous studies indicate that the high cost of the electric car, non-availability of charging infrastructure, time and range anxiety act as impediments to consumer adoption. The Government of India has given a call for ‘only Electric Vehicles’ on Road by 2030. This article is contemporary and examines the different factors that affect a consumer’s adoption of an EV. The respondents of the study are existing car owners in India. The data were analysed using Structured Equation Modelling (SEM). Attitude (ATT) emerged as a strong mediator, influencing the adoption of electric cars.