Title:A study on leadership factors in select industries

Authors: Mitra Shamayita, Dr. Tapas Poornima
Journal: ZENITH International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research
Publication date: 2019 November
Publisher: Indian Journals
URL: click here


Ample research on leadership theories and styles has been done. Leaders act as catalyst to improve performance, even they create organizational culture. The traits possessed by a leader are crucial for the selection of a right leader. Present study uses both descriptive and exploratory methods. Both qualitative and quantitative tools are used. Sample size is 120, which includes, leaders at project management level, regional head, Asia Pacific, managers, owners, and heads of the departments in the IT and educational sectors across India. Pune was selected as universe for the study because, Pune is both IT and educational hub. Data obtained from interviews of select leaders are analysed by qualitative methods, whereas quantitative data obtained from survey (using 5 point Likert scale) are analysed by using a statistical tool. Secondary data were obtained from research papers and related published works. Both data set are studied and conclusions are drawn based on both. Leadership Out of fifteen important traits, only three are most significant, viz., responsibility taking ability, strong determination and participative. Leaders must have multiple traits in them but most significant among them are three. Emphasis on these three significant traits results into good band wagon of leaders in any organization.

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