A Study on Factors Effecting the Satisfaction Level of Mutual Funds Investors in Jaipur cityYear: 2017

Authors: Nishu Gupta, Arpita Sharma
Journal: SAMVAD International Journal of Management
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: SAMVAD International Journal of Management
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Mutual fund is becoming a very popular investment avenue among the financial professional as they are having Knowledge about mutual fund but due to lack of time and also wants better return than fixed income securities that make their inclination towards mutual fund. They are preferring mutual fund as a better investment option due to several reasons as risk can be minimized, selecting the mutual funds by analyzing the past history, switching facility is there, can earn better return in minimum investment and also convenient to handle. But in spite of these facilities there are certain factors which make them not satisfied. This paper is going to study the satisfaction level of mutual fund investors working in financial institutions and how are they inferring the risk minimization through Mutual Fund (MF).