Title: A Study of Residential Property Purchase Decisions in India: The Role of Behavioral Intention as a Mediating Factor

Authors: Janhavi Chaudhary Abhang, V.V. Ravi Kumar
Journal: International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management
Publication date: Forthcoming
Publisher: Inderscience
URL: click here


This research paper focuses on exploring the multiple factors that result in a purchase decision of residential real estate in India. A conceptual framework has been developed based on previous research studies. This study has extracted the dimensions of consumer purchase decision and used them in the structural model and tested using path analysis method, to measure the extent and direction of the relationship. The findings strongly indicate the major predictors of purchase decision. This study also indicates the role of a comparative evaluation system in the purchase decision. The study aims to understand the mediating effect of the behavioural intention on purchase decision of a residential property.