Title:A Conceptual Framework on the Use of Stories As a Tool for Trainers for Engagement & LearningYear: 2015

Authors:Shree S.
Journal:International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research
Publication date:2015
Publisher:Serials Publications
URL: click here


It is a fact well known to all researchers and practitioners alike that training has tremendous potential value not only for managers and HR professionals but also for teachers, educationalists and counsellors. This paper explores the possibility of trainers using narratives (as stories) as a tool for raising curiosity & satisfaction for beter learning & retention in learners. Published research literature rarely throws light on the biological dimensions of impact of storytelling, particularly the role of brain in regulating curiosity, in the context of training. This paper goes beyond popular literature on training to provide the trainers, counsellors and educators with a model that uses an interdisciplinary understanding of Freytag's Pyramid from English literature and brain theory-based explanation of the neural influences on human emotions from neuro sciences and portrays how this mechanism can affect and influence learning.