Research Activities in Collaboration

Research activities in collaboration with Indian and Global organizations in the following areas:

1. Innovating for Emerging Markets

Global economy is going through a rapid change with the rise of emerging economies. It is estimated that the emerging economies will account for more than half of the world’s GDP by 2025. Asia’s GDP will be larger than that of the US and Europe combined by 2025. These trends are transforming conventional thinking about what it takes for any company to succeed on the global stage. For companies with global aspirations, emerging markets are becoming far more important than developed markets. India makes particularly central for any company due to size of its market. The research at SIBM Pune (Innovation & Entrepreneurship) is focused on developing models and frameworks that enables companies to develop innovative products and solutions for the emerging markets.

2. Indian model of Innovation

India is slowly emerging as a global innovation hub with large skills base and human talent. Smart Indian companies today have come up with new technologies and radical business models to penetrate the country’s mass markets. Indian companies have done this by transforming almost every element of the value chain, from products to supply-chain management, and creating novel business models. The research is aimed at identifying how Indian companies have been able to innovate with limited use of resources.

Research Collaboration:

Centre for Frugal Innovation, Hamburg University, Germany (