Orientation & Pedagogy

SIBM Pune conducts its Orientation Programme in a novel way. The very first day of the programme is made special for the students. After the ceremonial address by the Director, the students are divided into teams of twenty. Each team is handed over to a team of two faculty members. The faculty members take their teams of twenty students through a series of interesting ice-breaking sessions and team building exercises for the rest of the day. The day ends with a group task for the next day. On the second day, teams of twenty have to perform on stage. The stage performance is divided into parts. One is a purely academic part.

Second part is a cultural performance which may include singing, dance, mimickery etc. Next two days are generally devoted to outbound activities leading to development of team building and problem solving skills. The last two days are generally devoted to experience sharing sessions by corporate executives as well as entrepreneurs, preferably from the alumni pool.

Pedagogy at SIBM Pune is a mix of many methodologies. Apart from the usual chalk-n-talk, there is a conscious effort to make the sessions interactive by using case studies and references of latest developments in the relevant field. In addition, students are encouraged to undertake multiple projects to hone their research and analytical skills. Latest tools and techniques like Business Simulations are used wherever possible. Ample amount of guest lectures are organized by inviting leading corporate executives, especially from the alumni pool. In fact, SIBM Pune has consistently received Awards for excellent industry interaction. Students are also encouraged to write success stories of illustrious alumni, which the college publishes in the form of books. Field visits are also a regular feature