Title: Talent Management in Academia – The Indian Business School Scenario Year: 2020

Authors: Rajiv Divekar, Ramakrishnan Raman
Journal: International Journal of Higher Education
Publication date: 2020/4
Publisher: Sciedu Press
URL: click here


The purpose of this paper is to explore the gamut of human resource practices prevailing in private Indian Business Schools (B Schools) with specific focus on the talent management strategies adopted. The paper explores the interdependence of talent management strategies adopted by the private Indian business schools and the organisational strategy along with the metrics and scales used to measure the academic performance. The paper analyses and critiques the present scenario for lacking alignment between the vision vis-à-vis the strategies adopted for talent recruitment, talent development and retaining and rewarding talent. The paper debates on the fact that prudent talent management can help in developing a conceptual framework to augment performance of B Schools over long term by amalgamating the B school’s strategy with its performance metrics.