Title: Synergies between social media features and user engagement to enhance online brand visibility - a conceptual modelYear: 2013

Authors: Bhooshan Kelkar Anuradha Goswami1,Vijayakumar Bharathi, R Raman
Journal: International Journal of Engineering and Technology
Publication date: 2013
Publisher: Scopus
URL: click here


Organizations today are fast realizing the impact of social media as a significant business driver for capitalizing the advantages on certain key strategic issues like user engagement, social media user engagement statisitcs and brand visibility. Integrating social media characteristics is one of the key differentiators to enhance online brand visibility. Though a lot of research has been made on the social media usability and user engagement, the uniqueness of this research paper is the identification of synergies between the features of social media and user engagement to enhance online brand visibility. In this paper a conceptual model is explained by developing a social media-user engagement matrix to explain the synergies. The matrix integrates four parameters of User Engagement namely Involvement, Interaction, Intimacy and Influence with four Social Media characteristics namely Content, Relationship, Value and Structure to bring out the essence of interoperability. This paper has identified and listed certain metrics for measuring the online brand visibility. We believe that the outcome of this paper will make significant contribution to the existing body of knowledge by uniquely identifying and explaining the ‘social media-user engagement synergy’ and also listing appropriate metrics for measuring online brand visibility.