Title: A Fuzzy Petri-Net Based Conceptual Model for Risk Prediction in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Acquisition Decisions for Small and Medium EnterprisesYear: 2013

Authors: Vijayakumar Bharathi, Dhanya Pramod, Ramakrishnan Raman
Journal: Journal of Computer Science
Publication date: 2013/3/18
URL: click here


Risk Assessment Model for ERP Implementation is a study that identifies and evaluates certain critical pitfalls in the acquisition phase of ERP implementation in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and develops a model for evaluating the risk of failure, by assessing ERP implementation risk factors. On the acquisition stage a set of risks has been identified based on past research work and each of these risks have been explained through a set of well-defined risk factors or pitfalls. An evaluation model based on the concept of Fuzzy Petri Nets (FPN) is proposed in this study. ERP extension risks assessment using Fuzzy Petri Nets is used because it is simple and efficient and can quantitatively evaluate the risks inherent in the acquisition stage of ERP adoption by SMEs.