Title:A Regression Model To Study The Effectiveness Of Specific Online Channels To Reach Student AspirantsYear: 2014

Authors: Ramakrishnan Raman, Dhanya Pramod
Journal: International Journal of Applied Engineering Research
Publication date: 2014
Publisher: IJAER
URL: click here


Online and social media space is gaining its presence to the extent that it cannot be ignored any more. In the present-day Indian scenario, when there are many private universities across India, social media marketing for educational institutions and strategies on how to reach students on social media has become significant. These days, a student seeking admission to an educational institution depends on online space for information.This is where digital marketing strategy for educational institutes come into place. The student then decides to apply for a program after his/her online analysis. The student collects all information about the institute, the program, following which he or she decides to join. There are several online channels available for reaching students through digital channels, which includes a website, blog, forums etc. This paper attempts to find the effectiveness of these social media and education statistics in terms of its final impact that it can create, which will facilitate digital transformation and decision making, thereby making a student apply for a particular program. This paper compares three online channels including website, blog, discussion forum and their effectiveness in reaching a student. A regression model is used to understand the impact of these three channels on the decision taken by a student in choosing to apply for a program.