Title:A Fuzzy Petri-Net Model for Predicting the Post-Implementation Risks of ERP in Small and Medium EnterprisesYear: 2014

Authors: Dhanya Pramod, S Vijayakumar Bharathi, R Raman
Journal: International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS)
Publication date: 2014/11/30
Publisher: Praise Worthy Prize
URL: click here


A model using Fuzzy Petri Nets (FPN) is developed for assessing the risk associated with the post-implementation phase or the usage phase of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Small and Medium Enterprises. This paper uses fuzzy petri nets for risk assessment in ERP extension to identify a well-defined set of risk factors from the existing research literature. The usage of FPN is because of its simplicity of usage and the efficiency in quantifying the post-implementation risks of ERP system by SMEs. The model represented in the report will be an authentic character from a project risk management perspective to validate and quantify the risk and governance issues in ERP extension.