Title: Examining the Impact of Social Commerce Dimensions on Customers' Value Co-Creation: The Mediating Effect of Social Trust. Journal of Consumer Behaviour Year: 2019

Authors: Alalwan A.A., Algharabat R.S., Baabdullah A.M., Rana N.P., Raman R., Dwivedi R., Aljafari A.
Journal: Journal of Consumer Behaviour
Publication date: 2019/11
Publisher: Elsevier
URL: click here


One of the main aspects of the Web 2.0 revolution has been social commerce that has resulted in many people across the world increasingly engaging with commercial activities over social media platforms. However, the academic and research interest in social commerce is still low, and more studies are required to accelerate awareness of the most important issues relating to social commerce, in particular, social trust and value cocreation. Thus, the present study aims to propose a conceptual model that is intended to enable greater understanding of the causal interactions between social commerce constructs, social trust, and customer value cocreation. We collected data using a sample of 300 followers and fans of online Facebook communities, and we analysed them by using a structural equation model. The results show that social commerce constructs positively impact on social trust. Furthermore, we found that social trust positively impacts on the three dimensions of customer value cocreation. We found that social trust mediates the relationship between the social commerce and customer value cocreation dimensions. The paper presents a considerable theoretical contribution for being the first study that links social commerce constructs with social trust. The linkage between social commerce constructs, social trust, and customer value cocreation dimensions will also be beneficial for social media marketing strategists and managers.