Title:Risks Assessment using Fuzzy Petri Nets for ERP Extension in Small and Medium Enterprises Year: 2017

Authors: Dhanya Pramod and Ramakrishnan Raman Vijayakumar Bharathi
Journal: Information Resources Management Association
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: IRMA
URL: click here


Risks Assessment for ERP Extension is done with the help of a Fuzzy Petri Net model (FPN) developed and tested for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The model is relevant only to the risk in ERP adoption in SMEs in the extension phase. In other words, this work studied only the risk perception relating to extending the ERP integration between the supply chain partners. This paper addresses the problems of risk identification and assessment in ERP extension. Two primary motives for this research include defining and ERP extension risks assessment using Fuzzy Petri Nets. The uniqueness of this paper is three dimensional because in addition to presenting and quantifying the risk values in FPN, the risks are categorized and further graded for decision support to SME stakeholders. Realignment and standardization of SMEs business process, lack of support from larger enterprises and incompatibility issues are perceived to be the most critical risk factors.