Title: A Study On Data Privacy, Protection & Sanitization Practices During Disk Disposal By Indian Educational InstitutesYear: 2013

Authors: Ramakrishnan Raman, Dhanya Pramod
Journal: International Journal of Computer Science Issues
Publication date: 2013
Publisher: EBSCO
URL: click here


Information security practices are inevitable in this era of increased security breaches. With popularity of internet, cyber security issues have taken its main stay. Disk level security issues are ignored by Indian education institutes and society at large. The focus of this paper is to study data privacy, protection & sanitization practices of Indian educational institutes, vendors during disk disposal. The paper also reviews current standards, acts, policies & laws that prevail in United States, European countries and India. The study reveals that standards, acts, policies & laws are not adequate in India. The study reveals that educational organizations are still not serious about disk sanitization and lots of information remains on the disposed disks. When a disk is disposed, it is essential that data is securely removed from it so as to avoid data security breaches, data leaks and the resulting impact of loss of privacy and reputation. There is a pressing need for organizational policies to be in place. The authors have proposed a Data Privacy, Protection & Sanitization policy that can be adopted by Indian educational institutes during disk disposal.