Title: Blog Content and User Engagement - An Insight Using Statistical AnalysisYear: 2013

Authors: Bhooshan Kelkar Apoorva Vikrant Kulkarni, Shaji Joseph,R. Raman
Journal: International Journal of Engineering and Technology
Publication date: 2013
Publisher: Scopus
URL: click here


Since the past few years, organizations have increasingly realized the value of social media in positioning, propagating, and marketing the product/service and organization itself. Today every organization, small or big, has realized the essence of creating a space in the World Wide Web. Social Media, through its multifaceted platforms, has enabled the organizations to propagate their brands.

Several social media networks help spread the message to customers. Many organizations have full-time web analytics teams that are regularly trying to ensure that prospective customers are visiting their organization by analyzing various forms of social media content engagement. Web analytics is foreseen as a tool for Business Intelligence by organizations, and there are many analytics tools available for monitoring the visibility of a particular brand on the web.

For example, Google has its own analytic tool that is very widely used. There are several free as well as paid analytical tools available on the internet. This paper's objective is to study what content in a blog present in social media creates a more significant impact on user engagement. The study statistically analyzes the relation between blog content and user engagement. The content engagement statistics of a blog belonging to a reputed management institute in Pune were analyzed to arrive at conclusions.