Title:>A Study on User Perception and Awareness Related to Online Privacy During Online ShoppingYear: 2015

Journal: Journal of Theoretical & Applied Information Technology
Publication date: 2015/7/31
Publisher: IRMA
URL: click here


With an unstoppable growth in people buying products online, it is a fast-growing phenomenon in India. Indian youngsters are not only buying and selling shares online but also buying electronic gadgets, books, air tickets, footwear and clothing. In fact, even vegetables and groceries are being purchased online. While many Indians are certainly concerned about their privacy and would never want anyone to eavesdrop, more often they do not take precautionary measures to protect privacy during online shopping. Numerous web-retailers and e-commerce portals mention about their privacy policy, but it is always in fine print on the home page and the link for the same is kept at a place which is not prominently seen by the user when he or she lands on their webpage for shopping. When a person goes with online shopping he or she gives information including personal information like name, credit card number, mobile number, age, mail address, email address etc. This makes it necessary to create privacy awareness in online shopping. It is also important to understand if users are aware of the consumer privacy in e-commerce portals and privacy policies of the web-retailers. This study attempts to understand, if youngsters in the age group of 20 to 30 years, who shop online are aware of the privacy issues associated with online shopping, and also understand the user’s perception on online privacy during their online shopping experience. The study explores to find if there is a significant difference in the perception of online privacy during online shopping between youngsters who are Information Technology (IT) graduates and others from a non-IT education background and also between genders.