Economics Conclave 2017 on 5th August 2017

Over the past 3 years, India has witnessed systemic reforms including banking sector reforms, liberalization of FDI policy, subsidy reforms, direct benefits transfer, demonetization, Fintech revolution, new legislations, and GST. The situation, however, hasn’t changed much on the ground, with pain visible on account of absence of private investments, and rising pile of bad loans. Businesses in India still clamor about high interest rates, weak judicial system, uncertainty in political decision making. Have economic reforms changed the ground realities and improved ease of doing business in India, or is it still work in progress? Economics Conclave 2017 organized by RSDT student team of SIBM, Pune will address these issues and the theme for the conclave is  “Doing Business in India: Economic Reforms and Ground Realities”

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