The admission process this year will take place over a period of 10 days and two windows, i.e., 27th -31th January 2023 and 3rd - 7th February 2023. The process is very dynamic and will take place in the following stages:

Group Assessment

Group Exercise - The group exercise tests candidates on their teamwork and communication skills as well as their ability to come to a consensus. Additionally, it gauges candidates' conceptual clarity and familiarity with current trends.

Individual Assessment
  • Written Ability Test – The written ability test assesses the candidates’ creative abilities and effective communication of their ideas.

  • Personal Interview- The personal interview is a one on one interaction between the candidate and the panelist. It helps the panelist in assessing the candidates in depth and tests the candidates’ communication skills and culture fit.

  • SIBM Pune is always at the apex of innovation and received accolades for the same. Year after year SIBM Pune has been introducing something new in the admissions process. Handwriting analysis in 2021, behavioral analytics in 2022 and this year we introduced gamified assessments- an engaging and convivial assortment of industry relevant games that will test the cognitive abilities and coordination skills of the candidates.

Therefore, the admissions process has been designed in such a way that tests the candidates on all the skills that B-schools and industries value. The Aspirant Relations Team (ART) acts as the sole interface between SIBM Pune and its MBA Aspirants for an MBA in Flagship, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) Program.

For further details you can reach out to them at :