Title:Unravelling facets of employer branding leading to talent retention: A study of Indian KPO industrysYear: 2020

Authors: Shailesh Rastogi, Abhijeet Lele, R. Saraswathy, Venkata Mrudula Bhimavarapu, Swati Soni
Journal: TEST Engineering & Management
Publication date: 2020 May/June
Publisher: TEST Engineering & Management
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Talent crunch is a regular challenge fororganizations in moderneconomic world. Demand for highly skilled workers trumps over talentsupply, ensuing in a war for employable talent. Therefore, it is essentialto allureand preservekey talent as the destiny of an organization is decided by its human capital especially in aknowledge process outsourcing (KPO) organization. This can be achieved by focusing on employer branding model.An integrated interpretive structural modelling (ISM) and Fuzzy MICMAC (Matriced’ImpactsCroisés Multiplication Appliqués à un Classement) approach was deployed to identify relationship and understand mutual effect among facets of employer branding. This research involved intensive consultation with subject matter expert on facets of employer branding from both academia as well as KPO organizations in India. ISMwas used to get insights into collective understanding of the interrelationships among facets ofemployer branding.MICMAC analysis wasused to determine the degree of dependence and influence variables. Based on thisresearch work, it has been identified that there are fivedriversviz. employee branding, employee attraction, employee engagement, employee commitment and loyaltywhich help in talent retention in Indian KPO organizations.This research works contributes to the literature on talent retention by bolstering the importance of identified drivers using Fuzzy MICMAC approach. Further, intensive involvement of industry practitioners in building structural model increasespossibility of deployingtalent retention strategy in other KPO organizations.