Title:Systematic Literature Review of Voluntary DisclosuresYear: 2020

Authors: Arpita Sharma, Shailesh Rastogi
Journal: International Journal of Business and Globalisation
Publication date: 2020
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers
URL: click here


With the changing facets in the reporting of information, voluntary information disclosure becomes the central of all types of information disclosure. The purpose of the study is to derive various motives and the factors of the voluntary disclosures. The authors collect the published papers from the Google Scholar database by using Harzing's Publish or Perish software. The papers for the review are selected on the bases of citation per year. The current study finds the pattern of the quality papers published in the area of voluntary disclosures. The paper finds the major research journals and the publishers in the said area. The study presents the results of citations analysis and establishes various relationships among the sources, pattern, and the total cites and citations per year. It also presents various theories, types, motives, and factors associated with the concept. A conceptual framework of the voluntary disclosure is established.