Title:Shareholders’ Activism and Firm Performance: A Review of LiteratureYear: 2019

Authors: Sudam Shrikrushna Shingade, Shailesh Rastogi
Journal: Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies
Publication date: 2019 May
Publisher: Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies
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Shareholders’ Activism is nascent and evolving concept in India. This papers aims to review academic literature available in India. Our observation is that there is plenty of literature available on Corporate Governance area of which Shareholders’ Activism is subset. Most of the literature available in India focuses largely on three areas – Directorship and Executive compensation. We also would like to mentioned that corporate governance framework in context of protection of minority shareholders is evolving in India, this will be followed by academic as well as industry based research in coming years. As of now we find no literature focusing on Shareholders’ Activism and its impact on firms operating or financial performance.