Title:Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Process prioritization using Cognitive Complexity matrix Year: 2020

Authors: Arunoday Jaju, Dr. Prashant Bharge

Journal: Psychology and Education

Publication date: Nov. 2020, Vol. 57 (9)

Publisher: Green Publication

URL: click here


The process automation using robotic processes automation (RPA) has been witnessing an increasing trend of interest in recentdays. However, when it comes to selection of processes for automation, among various factors process complexity is not given enough weightage. Also there are fewer researches regarding process selection and the factors impacting this decision. This research gives a methodology for selecting processes based on the complexity so that the organization can implement RPA with the optimum benefits. With this approach we can prioritize the processes in order to gain the maximum profit from the automation. This approach will also segregate the processes in which RPA automation will not result into significant amount of benefit

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