Title:Policies to nurture Dwarfs or Infant MSMEs? Job creation and productivity dilemma of Indian policy-makers: a narrative policy frameworkYear: 2020

Authors: Mahima Mishra
Journal: Small Enterprise Research
Publication date: 2020
Publisher: Small Enterprise Research
URL: click here


India is facing a difficult economic situation of low economic growth and job creation. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a critical role in it. However, Indian manufacturing SMEs are not able to contribute enough. The paper thus explores policy level modifications required to enhance the contribution of SMEs critical to the growth of the Indian economy. The study uses the narrative policy framework (NPF) by using non-experimental content analysis to present findings. The meso level research explains how policy narrative influences the policy outcome. The study thus presents the benefits as well as challenges of shifting policy focus as per the requirement of ever-changing business ecosystem. The study finds that NPF can be an important tool for scholars to understand the policy problems. This study is unique as it broader policy process scholarship by expanding NPF theory using content analysis and dealing with questions relevant to strategic policy actors and solutions for the first time.