Title: Loyalty Program for Truck Drivers: A Reward Based Model to Support Basic Needs of Truck Drivers and Enhance Logistics Performance Year: 2020

Authors: Ms. Shikha Prasanna Kumari, Dr. Prashant Barge

Journal: Psychology and Education

Publication date: Nov. 2020, Vol. 57 (9)

Publisher: Green Publication

URL: click here


In the transportation system the major role is played by the truck drivers. They drive miles to ensure that the goods consigned reach the customers in right time no matter what the weather is, but these truck drivers are going through miserable life which is causing the driver base shrinkage since the past decade. Most ofthe truck drivers are illiterate and also facing financial issues. It’s time for the companies to take an initiative to understand driver problems, make them feel valued and ensure their financial stability to protect their driver base. Current research is focused on understanding driver problems and proposed a loyalty program model with key parameters to be included to reward the drivers based on their performance and proposed the features to be included in the application based platform for the tracking of the points by the drivers to enhance internal competition and motivation to take more trips which benefits both the industry and the driver.