Title:Investigating Entrepreneurial Competency In Emerging Markets: A Thematic AnalysisYear: Forthcoming

Authors: Mahima Mishra, Abhijit Deshpande
Journal: International Journal of Business and Globalisation
Publication date: Forthcoming
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers
URL: click here


Small and medium enterprises are critical for the growth of the economy and entrepreneurs play an important role in success of these firms. The study aimed to identify the competencies required for Indian SMEs entrepreneurs in the evolving Indian market and presents insights from SMEs owner pertaining to Entrepreneur Competencies which are important from the sustainability point of view. A thematic analysis was done using case-based approach to identify and explore key insights into the Entrepreneur Competencies. This was supported by a comprehensive literature review. The survey was conducted based on convenience sampling of SMEs owners engaged in manufacturing. Face to face semi-structured interviews was conducted. The narratives were used to develop EC competencies. The demographic profile of the firms was surveyed. For data collection purposes various aspects of competencies related opportunity, strategic, conceptual, relationship, commitment were used. It was revealed that both generic EC and specific competencies are necessary to conduct the business and also take into consideration the firms resource based view to have an edge in the market and also ensure sustainability in the competitive emerging market. The study concludes that exploring EC competencies in emerging markets is important and certain competencies are critical in the changing environment of the Indian market. The finding will have implications for SMEs owners in terms of being aware of acquiring relevant competencies to sustain and grow their businesses in the emerging and competitive market.