Day One at Gravitas 2017 - The flagship Sports Fest of SIBM Pune

The day dawned bright and clear as the sun rose over the pristine campus of SIBM Pune, thus signaling the start of Gravitas'17 organised by the Sports Management Team, SIBM Pune. The sports fest began with cricket, the first match being SIBM Pune vs NMIMS Mumbai. NMIMS Mumbai put up a good fight but the home team managed to overpower them and secured a comfortable win. The next game was Table Tennis (Men) which was again between SIBM Pune and NMIMS Mumbai. SIBM Pune dominated the game by defeating the visitors by 3-0. It was followed by another win against JBIMS Mumbai with a score of 3-0.

It was followed by Basketball (Men) where SIBM Pune again defeated NMIMS Mumbai, though the latter put up a strong fight. During this time in Badminton, SIBM Pune defeated JBIMS Mumbai by 3-0.

The cricket final was held between SIBM Pune and JBIMS Mumbai where the home team chased a modest target of 77 runs to emerge victorious.

In Table Tennis (Women), NMIMS Mumbai emerged victorious by defeating SIBM Pune by 2-1. But SIBM Pune turned tables in Chess by winning against NMIMS Mumbai.

Thus, Day 01 ended on a good note with the home team securing the winning positions in many sports. Sports Management Team and its Event Associates ensured that the events ran smoothly and the crises that came up were swiftly dealt with.