Title: Impact of Efficiency On Voluntary Disclosure of Non- Banking Financial Company – Microfinance Institutions in India

Authors: Arpita Sharma, Shailesh Rastogi
Journal: Journal of Risk and Financial Management
Publication date: Jun-21
Publisher: MDPI
URL: click here


This paper investigates how the financial and social efficiency of firms influence the extent of the voluntary disclosure of Non-Banking Financial Companies–Micro Financial Institutions (NBFC-MFI). The study constructed an unweighted index of voluntary disclosure to estimate the level of voluntary disclosure of all of the included firms from the years 2015–2019. The financial and social efficiency, which is analogous to the technical efficiency of production theory and analyses both sustainability and outreach, respectively, was estimated using data envelopment analysis (DEA). The panel data analysis was completed, and a positive association of financial efficiency was estimated. The social efficiency was found to have no relationship to the voluntary disclosure level. This paper contributed to the literature by providing new determinants of voluntary disclosure. The study examines the econometric model and suggests that financially sustainable firms that utilize these resources well are more open to outsiders, while socially efficient firms are reluctant to voluntary disclosure, which also includes social activities, and consider this as a wasteful activity. The findings of this study are relevant to industry practitioners and regulators, who need to think upon the sustainability of this crucial sector by meeting the dual objectives of financial and social performance. This study is helpful to all stakeholders as well as for the government, who can use the results to design additional rules for the NBFC–MFI. This study will also help firms to design disclosure strategies to ascertain goodwill and less cost of capital, with easy access to funds.