Title: Impact of Artificial Intelligence on demand Forecasting in Supply chain Management during Covid-19 Year: 2020

Authors: Mr. Ashish Ranjan, Dr. Prashant Barge

Journal: Psychology and Education

Publication date: Nov. 2020, Vol. 57 (9)

Publisher:Green Publication

URL: click here


COVID -19 has bought in lot of damage to the supply chain as companies have not been able to respond to rapidly increasing consumer demand, limited products supplied and changes in workplace rules .The war against COVID-19 has made us to come with innovative solutions. The application of AI in supply chain related task holds high potential for boosting top line and bottom line value. Companies today at even at the enterprise level have started implementing AI tech into every day supply chain tasks. It’s a lousy time for companies to start looking, but AI can help them to enable their efforts. If more Industry can adopt technology in their operation, Supply chain could become a green industry in no time.AI in these uncertain times will help to accurately forecast the demand and will help to meet those demands. What this pandemic has shown us is that integration of Artificial intelligence and supply chain management applications helps automate decision-making, Improve efficiencies and better utilization of human resources.

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