Title: Identification of Predictor Variables Influencing Learning Style Preferences of Knowledge Workers in Indian IT Service Companies Year: 2017

Authors:Abhijeet Lele; Parameswar Nayak
Journal: Amity Business Review
Publication date: 2017
Publisher:Amity Business Review
URL: click here


Learning and development of employees is an essential process in an organization. This is fulfilled by training interventions, which can ensure better learnability of employees. This makes it essential to ensure that an employee is trained in an environment cohesive to individuals’ learning style preferences. Indian Information Technology (IT) service companies devise learning and development programs to train large number of employees. But, the elements ensuring learnability of one employee may be significantly different from that of another employee. If organizations have to achieve excellence in learning, they need to assess learning styles of employees before providing them the training. Therefore, this research work attempts to assess learning styles of knowledge workers in Indian IT service companies. In this study, Peter Honey and Alan Mumford’s Learning Styles Questionnaire (LSQ) was used to conduct primary data collection trough online platform. Thereafter, Multinomial Logistic Regression was used to identify significant predictor variables influencing learning style preferences of knowledge workers in Indian IT service companies. Practical implications of this research work can help learning and development managers in Indian IT service companies to understand learning styles preferences of knowledge workers in order to improve learnability.