Title: Formation of an Efficient Team by Improvising Employee Selection Process Using AHP-LP for a Software Company in India Year: 2015

Authors:Abhijeet Lele
Journal: Management and Labour Studies
Publication date:2015
Publisher: SAGE Publications
URL: click here


In information technology (IT) service industry, essential task of a human resource (HR) manager is to form an efficient team involving different job roles from a pool of candidates who can satisfy business requirements. For this purpose, the HR department performs candidate recruitment and selection process. This article attempts to develop a mathematical and reliable approach using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP)-linear programming (LP) for building an efficient software project team by breaking the interview process of candidate selection into two parts. In the first phase, interviewers are responsible only for evaluating candidates based on different parameters. In the second phase, HR manager collates all data from the selection process and then applies proposed mathematical model to make final decision on candidate selection or rejection. The proposed application of AHP into team formation will improve the decision-making process involved in hiring when multiple interviewers assess candidates through interview. Finally, decisions are taken for finalizing team by incorporating all financial and strategic constraints using LP