Title:Financial Efficiency of Non – Banking Financial Companies-Microfinance Institutions: A Data Envelopment AnalysisYear: 2020

Authors: Arpita Sharma, Shailesh Rastogi, Nishu Gupta
Journal: TEST Engineering & Management
Publication date: 2020 May/June
Publisher: TEST Engineering & Management
URL: click here


The current paper measures the performance of the NBFCI –MFI. The study measures the efficiency through the DataEnvelopment Analysis (DEA). DEA is used to estimate the performance of the 39 (NBFC-MFI) non-banking finance companies- microfinance institutions in India. The cross efficiency is also measured by using Malmquist Productivity Index (MFI) over the period of 2015-2019. The current study takes the balanced panel for the study by using DEAP 2.1 to study the productivity and efficiency of the NBFC-MFI in India. The study concludes on the present inefficient status of the NBFC-MFI and also which type of efficiency contributes that.