Title: A Study on Effects of Corporate Transparency–Literature Review and Research Agenda

Authors: Venkata Mrudula Bhimavarapu, Shailesh Rastogi
Journal: Review of International Geographical Education Online
Publication date: 11-11-2021
Publisher: RIGE
URL: click here


Purpose –The main objective of this paper is to perform a literature review on corporate transparency and its effects as well as to identify gaps in the current body of knowledge for justifying future research directions. This paper performs a bibliometric analysis and network visualisation with page rank analysis to appraise journals citation quality and quantity. Methodology –The study reviews 121 articles and research papers from the referred journal and international conferences published on the topic of corporate transparency and its effects. This review process was achieved by using bibliometric and network analysis with the help of a tool –Gephi, that provides an in-depth insight on this topic through different visualization models.Findings -The detailed analysis has identified that most of the work on corporate transparency has been conducted in the developed economies and lesser amount of work is done on the developing economies like India. With reference to the comprehensive analysis after synthesizing the findings, it is clear that the currently available research has not covered all the multidimensional facets of corporate transparency. Through network analysis and page rank analysis the authors identify the prestigious journals in the current field of research. Thus, by considering all the identified gaps and various open opportunities mentioned, we strongly believe that the creation of a new transparency index model with the additional set of attributes, i.e., Financial as well as Non-Financial determinants, stakeholders will be able to take a conscious and timely decision. Implications -The current study will be helpful for researchers who are willing to perform research in the field of corporate transparency. In spite of fewer works of literature on transparency, none of the studies have focussed on corporate transparency and its effects. Hence, this paper presents the main findings of the academic literature by carrying out an in-depth analysis. itOriginality/Value -This paper gives a detailed analysis of a list of publications on the effects of corporate transparency and provides a structured format for its various traits. This paper will be helpful for research scholars, professionals in the field of finance, and investors who make decisions related to investments in the financial markets. To the best of our knowledge, there is no literature review papers using network analysis on this topic in any of the academic journals.